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C S L u x e m

Teen River Tape: TR017 Now Available

TEEN RIVER TR017: NOVEMBER 22 SIDE A by csluxem New cassette out on TEEN RIVER TEEN RIVER

Ella St. Social Club

by Kevin McConnell

It’s All Too Much

Hootenanny at Woodman Hall

Bill Murray’s Cousin

poster by Becca Barnet A foray into a reality of aural exploration.


WEST 2011

HalfTime Show

HalfTime Show by csluxem

Lord and Lady Destroyer live at 33 Cent

Proverbially Speaking

I broke a camel’s back with a needle in a haystack The early bird ate the apple I was saving to keep my worm away I put all my chickens in the same basket before the cats had hatched I still don’t know where the fork in the road is leading me out to sea Curiosity boiled the birds watching two fish get killed by a lemonade All’s fair in sticks and stones But a watched safe will only make you sorry That spilt milk will sink this ship Before we have a chance to cry I still don’t know if in love or in war Which cloud is leading me